January 2009

In my fevered search for a reasonably priced Lettera 32 in good condition, I came across http://blog.bookoven.com/ – they apparently have a feature called Monday’s Typewriter where they highlight different machines. Worth checking out.


Ok, I just HAVE to get my hands on an Olivetti Lettera 32. I was just looking at La Vie Graphite’s latest post, and that close up of the front of the machine just pushed me over the edge. I’ve been struggling about what my next machine should be. I like Hermes Rockets, Royal QDL’s from the late ’50’s,(when you could get one in a cool red, blue or pink color), Olympia SF’s, etc. I definitely have a look that I prefer. Usually something that has that New Frontier modernism about it, when we were all still dreaming about outer space or thinking about how the Russkies might get us. Something with a retro space-age vibe to it. The Lettera 32 just does it for me. The flat top, the fonts on the front logo, the square keys with rounded corners and smallish letters, the color, the thin space bar, and the lone red key just together give off that vibe of ‘Jetsons meets book report’ or something like that. Maybe somebody can better encapsulate it for me. Anybody use one of these beauties? Anyway, I have a mission to land one of these fish in the next few months. Wish me luck – I’m goin’ in!


A little daydreaming at work…..don’t ask what the Q and W are for. I just like the shape of those letters, I guess. Don’t get me wrong – I’m never giving up film. I just want to have one foot in each world.

There is a good article in today’s Boston Globe talking about how the color photographic print is passing into history, at least as a ubiquitous consumer item. It appears that the majority of people now view their photos on their computer screens, cellphone screens, etc. The article makes a good case for the value of the color print and its many advantages over viewing your photographic work on a 72 dpi LCD screen. What’s the use of that 12 or 14 megapixel SLR if you don’t print anything any more? I like having the physical object to hold in my hand and study for a few minutes before I proceed to the next one. Makes me want to run out and buy another case of Tmax or Fujifilm slide film.