April 2009

1. I’m a night student.

2. I don’t have a DVR.

3. I never get to watch my favorite shows. (see #1)

4. I’m married with a daughter.

5. I love technology.

6. Sometimes I hate technology, especially Windows PC’s. (shudders)

7. I’m still trying to find the creative outlet that will become my passion.

8. I refuse to join Spacebook, MyFace, Twitter, etc.

9. I will be sad when newspapers go away, especially the Boston Globe.

10. I played in several bar bands in the ’90’s.

11. I am 7 classes away from finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering after 7 years of night classes!

12. Someday I hope to see Europe.

13. I enjoy photography.

14. I am secretly hoping our cat decides to take up with another family someday soon.

15. I have no known allergies.

16. I try not to talk religion, child rearing, or politics in mixed company if I can help it.(not always successful)

17. My ultimate birthday present would be to spend a morning getting fitted for a custom, high quality suit, then spending an afternoon sitting in a barber chair getting an old-school shave with a hot towel and straight razor while I read the paper (sob), maybe smoke a cigar and talk sports with the old timers.

18. I refuse to pay more than $60 to see a concert.

19. I met my wife on New Year’s Eve, 2000.

20. I never got to see the Ramones.

21. I try to support local merchants.

22. I’m supposed to be doing homework right now.

23. I intend to drive my car into the ground.

24. The only beer I can drink is Guinness. The carbonated beers make my stomach nauseous.

25. I’m bitchin’.


I’m looking for advice on OCR (optical character recognition) software. I’m considering buying a scanner, and I know sometimes they bundle this software with scanners.

I need a way to get all my typed ramblings into my Mac at some point, and was wondering what your experiences were. I’m just going to buy a pure scanner, not a multifunction machine (you know- print, copy, scan, fax, slice, dice, etc.)

Tell me your stories…….

I was watching a movie a few weeks back with Alan Alda, who played an eccentric old uncle to Matthew Broderick’s character, who worked at a newspaper but had suffered some type of breakdown. The nephew was trying to help his uncle sell a very rare, very old baseball card at a collector’s show. He needed to do this in order to raise money and save the family homestead. Alda’s character was wondering aloud how someone would want to pay money for just an old piece of cardboard with a picture on it. What could it possibly be worth? he wondered aloud. Just then one of the card dealers turned to him and asked “What are your memories worth?”. Hmmm.

In ‘Throw Mama from the Train’ there is the scene where Danny DeVito is showing Billy Crystal his coin collection, an utterly unremarkable group of dimes, nickels, and quarters. Crystal told him it was the worst coin collection he had ever seen, but after DeVito’s character told him the story of each coin, and how they were tied to childhood experiences he had shared with his deceased father…..well, then Crystal’s character saw the true value of these ordinary possessions.

I guess nostalgia plays a part in my collecting of typewriters. I have to admit that. Do they help me hang on to a part of my childhood? Probably. Is the collecting of obsolete objects an irrational attempt to take control of a part of my life in an uncontrollable world racing into the future? Yup. The older I get, the more I want to hang onto my memories. These will turn into stories I can tell my daughter about her grandparents, and about my childhood. These few objects will act as memory  triggers for me in the future. Hopefully, I’ll still be typing on them, too. Whenever I think of those movie scenes, I think of the real value of my machines, my cameras. They may only fetch 30 or 40 clams on eBay, but they are worth much more to me. What are your memories worth?