1. I’m a night student.

2. I don’t have a DVR.

3. I never get to watch my favorite shows. (see #1)

4. I’m married with a daughter.

5. I love technology.

6. Sometimes I hate technology, especially Windows PC’s. (shudders)

7. I’m still trying to find the creative outlet that will become my passion.

8. I refuse to join Spacebook, MyFace, Twitter, etc.

9. I will be sad when newspapers go away, especially the Boston Globe.

10. I played in several bar bands in the ’90’s.

11. I am 7 classes away from finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering after 7 years of night classes!

12. Someday I hope to see Europe.

13. I enjoy photography.

14. I am secretly hoping our cat decides to take up with another family someday soon.

15. I have no known allergies.

16. I try not to talk religion, child rearing, or politics in mixed company if I can help it.(not always successful)

17. My ultimate birthday present would be to spend a morning getting fitted for a custom, high quality suit, then spending an afternoon sitting in a barber chair getting an old-school shave with a hot towel and straight razor while I read the paper (sob), maybe smoke a cigar and talk sports with the old timers.

18. I refuse to pay more than $60 to see a concert.

19. I met my wife on New Year’s Eve, 2000.

20. I never got to see the Ramones.

21. I try to support local merchants.

22. I’m supposed to be doing homework right now.

23. I intend to drive my car into the ground.

24. The only beer I can drink is Guinness. The carbonated beers make my stomach nauseous.

25. I’m bitchin’.