All right people, I’m taking the plunge. No, I didn’t decide to spend my paycheck on lottery tickets, and no, I’m not applying to be on America’s Next Top Model (although, if they were looking for potato chip eating ability, I’d win hands down). I’ve decided to start on my first project machine. If I can successfully clean, de-gunk and get this machine singing again, I’ll be pretty proud of myself. I got some good starting advice from Dean in Kentucky (better known as Writertypes for all you eBay surfers) so I think I’m in good hands. This guy knows his stuff when it comes to manual machines. So, the machine is my Olivetti Model 21 (basically a Studio 44 in a more modern chassis) and it suffers from about a dozen sticky keys. Otherwise it is in pretty good shape. I finally managed to get the chassis off after a little bit of tricky maneuvering (thanks, Dean), and started brushing away the loose dirt and dust. Next step is cleaning as much as I possibly can with alcohol and a brush. After that, we’ll see what happens. I’ll get this baby some of its mojo back soon enough. I’ll let you all know how it progresses. Here are some pictures of the patient: