I was just checking out MyTypewriter.com, so I could drool over all the machines I can’t afford to buy. Not that I would buy anything from that site anyway – they must be on crack if they think the prices they are charging are in any way fair. Oh yes, I’ll gladly pay $895 for that Hermes Ambassador, and oh, yes, I’ll also blindly hand you an extra $100 to get it in “Excellent” condition. Maybe some people fall for that, I don’t know. There is an Ambassador on ebay to be had right this minute for about $100, including shipping. I guarantee my guy at Cambridge Typewriter could get that thing in “Excellent” condition for another $200, tops. Pay $300 or $995 for the same machine? Hmmm…that’s a tough one. I’ll have to consult my navel and get back to ya.

Anyway, my main gripe is that along with selling refurbished machines, which I consider (notwithstanding their pricing screw job) a noble goal, they also sell typewriter jewelry. Come on, people!

Now I know most people who are looking for a pair of cufflinks that say “TAB” on them are sitting there thinking “You collector wingnuts are, well, wingnuts. They look so retro funky cool! I need some way to show my vintage cred, especially since I can’t wear fur any more. Lighten up, nerds!” Regardless, it just seems wrong to market near-extinct vintage machinery to a crowd that clearly values these things, and right next to it be willing to chop them up if a sale presents itself. I dunno, maybe I’m making too much of this, but I doubt it. I know business is business, the economy is bad, baby needs a new pair of shoes, blah, blah, blah, fucking blah. But why would people be in a business where they are destroying the very inventory they will need to stay in business? They ain’t making any more Underwood 5’s, ya pricks!