I was reading some books to my daughter the other night, in particular one called “Ms. Nelson is Missing”, about an elementary school class, their missing teacher, and the awful substitute teacher who makes them appreciate Ms. Nelson even more. I started thinking back to when I was in elementary school, and how everything about it seemed huge: the stairs I climbed every day, the big wooden desks with flip-up lids and the holes where the bottle of ink used to fit in, the humongous blackboards, windows that seemed ten feet high, massive erasers, and those big metal pencil sharpeners that were mounted to the wall.

My daughter is really getting into drawing and writing her letters and numbers over the summer, to the delight of her mother and I. Unfortunately, the cheap handheld pencil sharpener we had broke, so I’m down to sharpening her pencils with a tile knife. I was thinking again about those heavy duty, metal pencil sharpeners, and frankly about how much I enjoyed using them. I remembered the smell of the shavings, and I said, that’s it, I have to find one for her to experience. Plus, she’d get a kick out of sharpening her own pencils.

Now I just have to try and find what I’m looking for. Maybe eBay?