I’m going to a 2-day typewriter meetup in Connecticut in a few weeks. Or as my wife calls it, a “geek fest” [she means it playfully, or at least she better be if she wants me to be nice about her scrapbooking weekends 😉  ]

So yes, I am going to drive 3+ hours to meet with other manual typewriter afficionados for 2 days. I’m sure I will see many rare and valuable machines. Maybe swap one of mine that I am bringing with me for a Hermes or an Olympia SM7. We’ll see how it goes. Day 2 of the meetup involves a tour of a rather large private collection consisting of machines from 1920 or earlier. I saw pictures of this collection when the owner was at my house last fall. Very impressive, but not pieces you would want to use every day. Or could.

The meeting has been advertised on the Typewriters and Portable Typewriter groups on Yahoo! Groups in case anybody else who lives in the Northeast region has any interest. I will be sure to take and post many photos on this blog.