1971 Olympia SM9

The one machine to have if you’re having only one…..

Early Smith-Corona Electric - late 1950's probably

It works, but has a small issue with the basket shift. It won’t return up quite all the way, cutting off the letter bottoms.

1960's? Remington Premier

This Remy is heading to a friend’s 10-year-old daughter, who’s been begging her parents for a typewriter.

Late 1960's Smith Corona Deluxe Librarian

Got this one on Craigslist for $20 – never seen one before or since. Removable platen. Workhorse machine.

Late 1950's (I think) Olympia SM3

Another cheap Craigslist find.

SM3 logo detail

Now if I could just get this cool logo onto the SM9……

1950's Smith Corona Silent Super

I bought this from the publisher of Typex, when he visited my home from Philadelphia last year. Great machine.

Olivetti/Underwood Model 21 (late 1960's, I assume)

One thing about the Olivettis – they definitely had a distinctive look and vibe about them. The Saab of typewriters.

Olivetti detail

Adler Tippa S - 1970's most likely

Despite the plastic outer chassis, it’s well made on the inside where it counts. A decent travel typer, and pretty quiet, too.