In the last week or so, I finally bit the bullet and dipped a toe into the world of smartphones. Until now, I’ve used a cheap, pre-paid cell phone. I finally got tired of not being able to get reception where I live, so I decided to switch to a different carrier. I decided to get an Android phone, and since then I’ve been wasting endless hours playing with the thing. The phone has a 2mp camera, which sounds wimpy – and it is for sure, but I can still get photos good enough to post online.

Both of these were taken with the Toy Camera setting

I found a camera app called FXCamera which is basically a set of enhancements you can apply to your photos to get different looks. It has Toy Camera (my fave), Polaroid, fisheye (meh), Andy Warhol, B&W, sepia, etc. Suddenly I find myself snapping wherever I go.