Does anybody have any experience with an Olivetti Studio 45? It appears to be the plastic-bodied successor to the Studio 44/Model 21, with a few cost-cutting measures in terms of components thrown in. But is it basically the same machine, with the same feel and durability?

I have to admit the plastic chassis reminds me of the old Apple II’s and Atari computers of my youth, and I just love the shape of the keys and the BIG letters on them. Before I take the plunge, however, I’m looking for some insight, since I probably would have to commit to one of these sight unseen.



I just scored it on Ebay last week. It came via FedEx yesterday, and I think I likes it. It’s got some gummed up keys for sure, and needs a good servicing, but it feels real solid. The carriage lever folds in half for storage (way cool), and the carriage returns like a solid hunk of metal sliding on grease. I’ll update with a picture, but just wanted to tell the intertubes ’cause I’m excited (man, I’m a dork!) Anybody have experience with these machines? any advice? should I chuck it into the ashcan now before spending another dime?

I guess you need to try the link to see the pictures. It’s a full 2 inches longer than my SM9, but the same width. The keys are ever so slightly larger, and the QWERTY row is 1/4 wider than on the SM9. Whether or not this translates into more comfortable typing, I won’t know until I get it up and running. I’m going to attempt the rebirth myself, but if I get into trouble I may have to get a pro involved.