Does anybody have any experience with an Olivetti Studio 45? It appears to be the plastic-bodied successor to the Studio 44/Model 21, with a few cost-cutting measures in terms of components thrown in. But is it basically the same machine, with the same feel and durability?

I have to admit the plastic chassis reminds me of the old Apple II’s and Atari computers of my youth, and I just love the shape of the keys and the BIG letters on them. Before I take the plunge, however, I’m looking for some insight, since I probably would have to commit to one of these sight unseen.


I just scored it on Ebay last week. It came via FedEx yesterday, and I think I likes it. It’s got some gummed up keys for sure, and needs a good servicing, but it feels real solid. The carriage lever folds in half for storage (way cool), and the carriage returns like a solid hunk of metal sliding on grease. I’ll update with a picture, but just wanted to tell the intertubes ’cause I’m excited (man, I’m a dork!) Anybody have experience with these machines? any advice? should I chuck it into the ashcan now before spending another dime?

I guess you need to try the link to see the pictures. It’s a full 2 inches longer than my SM9, but the same width. The keys are ever so slightly larger, and the QWERTY row is 1/4 wider than on the SM9. Whether or not this translates into more comfortable typing, I won’t know until I get it up and running. I’m going to attempt the rebirth myself, but if I get into trouble I may have to get a pro involved.

Ok, I just HAVE to get my hands on an Olivetti Lettera 32. I was just looking at La Vie Graphite’s latest post, and that close up of the front of the machine just pushed me over the edge. I’ve been struggling about what my next machine should be. I like Hermes Rockets, Royal QDL’s from the late ’50’s,(when you could get one in a cool red, blue or pink color), Olympia SF’s, etc. I definitely have a look that I prefer. Usually something that has that New Frontier modernism about it, when we were all still dreaming about outer space or thinking about how the Russkies might get us. Something with a retro space-age vibe to it. The Lettera 32 just does it for me. The flat top, the fonts on the front logo, the square keys with rounded corners and smallish letters, the color, the thin space bar, and the lone red key just together give off that vibe of ‘Jetsons meets book report’ or something like that. Maybe somebody can better encapsulate it for me. Anybody use one of these beauties? Anyway, I have a mission to land one of these fish in the next few months. Wish me luck – I’m goin’ in!