I know what you’re thinking – What the heck did you do to that poor Librarian!? Trust me, it’ll work great when I’m done with it. I finally had some time to put into it, and after a little wrangling, was able to get the exoskeleton completely off without stripping any screws or losing any washers. Now she’s ready for brushing off loose dirt and dust, then my Liquid Wrench/Blow Dry treatment, followed up with alcohol scrub, a little selective oiling, and Bam! she’ll be ready to be a daily workhorse again. I’m sure in its heyday, this baby was cranking out daily type, doing yeoman’s work like the rest of us. All she needs is a little spa treatment, and she’ll be tanned, rested and ready. I may need to send the platen out to Ames to be re-covered, though- it’s pretty darn hard as a rock. We”ll see…oh, and I love the shape of the carriage return lever, like an upturned hockey stick worn smooth from use.