My daughter has been asking me to get her a typewriter, and I came across this one at a local thrift shop today. I believe it’s early seventies, but can’t tell for sure since the usual serial number sites don’t have anything I could find on them. It needs a thorough cleaning and de-gunking, but otherwise is in excellent working condition. The type is nice and straight for all characters (I can’t deal with a machine that has characters all over the place, sorry. It drives me crazy.) My daughter was very excited when I brought it home and put in a new ribbon for her. She’s typing away as we speak, spelling out nonsense words. The price was right, and it even came with the instruction booklet, case and key.

Nice, all metal chassis

Can't beat that price.

LibrarianI’ll post some new photos on my flickr stream (link on the lower right) later today. I’m really surprised how well the Liquid Wrench works on these machines. It’s Like Magic! ™